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The First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) helps people to buy or build their first home. To compose a refund letter, use sample refund letters for guidance. Company Response Welcome If complaints about your company appear on our site, we welcome your response. After becoming even more aggressive, with no sign of relenting despite what I said, I told her if she wanted to take the truck for $156 to feel free. In June of 2012, we were late with our June companies like springleaf financial services bill, due on the 1st of each month. You hired a cleaning company to clean out a property that the Cress family foreclosed on. So since I cannot make a corporate complaint, I have taken it to the web. For more information, see about us, FAQ and privacy policy. They never did what they said they would and finally extended the amount to the end of my loan after the horrible scare.

I told the manager, Heather, what I was told about refinancing and someone was supposed to come to my home on Friday and she said, "it doesn't matter anymore; you're two months late. I want my things back, but I was told they were gotten rid off. She proceeded to be very aggressive and threatening, insisting that I write a check at her command.

They cannot waive that $100 for the next month payment and it was only 1 more week. I recently redid my loan with Springleaf. Springleaf repeatedly calls my house and hangs up before leaving a message, sometimes 10-15 times a day.

Buy the best quality used cars for sale online. He called me back shortly after that and told me that I could put a loan against my car. Mar however, finance companies like springleaf financial services will always be a. She began to demand that I write her a check for the amount of $156 for the month of July. Please let me know what my rights are as a consumer.

Ericka then proceeded to tell me they were being helpful by not taking the truck and taking payments. The rep demanded money right then and my wife refused to give him anything. I am working to repair my credit so I decided to inquire about the offer. The Summerville, SC store has got to be the worst company ever to try and borrow money from.

Meanwhile, we found a way to financially offset this ridiculous loan. I explained to him no, that was okay, I was not interested in the process. When I went through the paperwork with the PM Sleep Center associate, I was told that I qualified for 12 months interest free; and that this interest free would start from the date that I received the first billing statement. I told her I wanted to speak with Meg and she said she would give her the message and hung up on me.

When I tried to apply for home modifications and/or pay off my loan at a lower amount, which was still $20,000 more than the fair market value, the manager asked me why she would want to do anything for one of her best paying customers. Next thing we know, while being in Telemetry for a heart problem, my roommate is being served in the hospital in front of everyone right before her stress test. I advised them I didn't know what to do because I was still waiting on unemployment and I could not afford it then.

When I received my "not qualified" notice, I had no co-signer listed on my loan. After giving a copy of my driver's license, another person came in and said receiving your take home monthly, we are unable to give the loan. He even told me that if I didn't pay them on time, they would garnish my wages.

I have sent to other companies and they have stopped calling. They came back to tell me that they thought I made more and that companies like springleaf financial services they couldn't approve me based on the info I had given them. This week, I received the packet from the motor club and I called to cancel it since I already have a roadside assistance with my insurance, my new car coverage and another motor club.

We do not always pay on time, but we always pay. So earlier today, the repossession guy came to companies like springleaf financial services my house and was going to repossess my car. Abn amro commercial finance offer award finance companies winning factoring, invoice finance.

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When I didn't return their call, they decided to contact my place of employment. This guy has called my wife's work so much that he got her in trouble. They're not understanding, very unprofessional and so rude. Ericka then said they will not do a deferment and wanted to know when they could expect payment.

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This fee was charged after I paid my account in full. It not only affected my credit score companies like springleaf financial services but my relative's as well. Last week, I called Springleaf Financial and asked if I could pay half of the past due balance this month and the rest in the beginning of next month. This causes much stress for me and it's becoming harassing. Sample for cancellation of mobile contract. I left work expecting to pick up a check and when I got there, I didn't qualify.

Springleaf did not notify them that I paid for most of my past due balance already. I asked him to stop calling me all day the way they do and to stop calling my employer. Ericka looked in the system and told me that Meg spoke with me last Tuesday and said we could not do a deferment.

A few days later, around the 28th of June, a rep showed up at my house and confronted my wife in front of her mother and my daughter's boyfriend. Check all credentials before attempting anything. We are a financial company who had a lien on a companies like springleaf financial services vehicle, continuous lien without interruption.

I contacted Meg at Springleaf to see what we can do. Springleaf Financial Services (aka American General) operates poorly. I contacted their office after first visit by Chris and asked them not to come to my place of residence.

I am very dissatisfied and I feel as though your company needs to be made aware of the lack of customer service being displayed by representatives of your company. You know you already hate to call about a loan but when the person you speak to named Kathy in Bessemer, Alabama has a smart mouth; it makes you more angry. Also in the letter, I acknowledged that we owe them money and would be making payments as to as much as we could afford. I have left it alone knowing that one day people companies like springleaf financial services like this will get what they have coming. They use shady practices even against other companies.

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So, I went on Springleaf's website to see what/who they were affiliated with. Oct explore a new career with springleaf financial services. Then she said, "No, we won't refinance it for you," and hung up. I had recently purchased a bed from PM Sleep Center whose finance company is Springleaf Financial. I have had a loan officer threaten my wife. I have to save, but managed to get her the amount owed.

To connect with suncoast schools sucoast credit union used car sale federal credit union, sign up. We had no income and Springleaf did not care. I received an offer in the mail to apply for a loan.

These practices are harassment and are the same techniques used by loan sharks, not to mention in complete violation of the Fair Creditors Act. I was laid off last August and my unemployment insurance kicked in and made my payments. But it should be known that they have too many times gone against what they said they would, including not even sending modification packages until several requests over several months. They don't care if you have small children. I am a few payments behind on my vehicle secured loan and have discussed this with the Springleaf reps.

I have never dealt with them or their predecessor, American General Finance. They are scammers hoping mention of a collection agency will trigger prompt payment, even if no debt is owed. I gave him some more of my information per his request. Metro uses factory financing, primary secondary lenders motorcycle loans lenders and secondary lenders.

Then as I give them all my info in person, that's when it went downhill. We had to stop in Wheelersburg yesterday, so she could make a payment on the way to the doctor. I have been dealing with Springleaf/American General for a long time. Namakan capital payday loan phone number october, ,. does not evaluate or endorse the products and services advertised.

I also explained to her that the remaining difference will be paid in full by the following Friday, which was going to have the account current, only owing for the month of August. I told her that they were not being very helpful because they are not doing what they said. I have never missed a payment and do not intend to. When I called Spring Leaf, they told me there is nothing they can do, companies like springleaf financial services but admitted they have a gentleman by that name who is the manager.

He stated no, it should not affect my credit. When I called the company, I spoke with a man by the name of Ted who said he was the district manager I believe.

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Learn more about a career with springleaf financial services including all recent. And they said no, they want the full past due balance since they are in the middle of processing a repossession for my car. I realized the situation would not be resolved talking to him because his concern was the bottom line, which was to get their money. My experience was great until my family and I recently fell on hard times due to my getting laid off from work. Ill be glad when theyre paid off or closed down.